Coaching will empower you to become your best self. The best project you will ever work on is you. There are no limits to what we can explore and how far you will go through the coaching process. Your responsibility is to be yourself and follow the path of what leads you to feeling whole and happy.  Shelli Netko Life Coach offers coaching and parenting resources to help promote the emotional well-being of your child.


If you are looking for clarity, a feeling of focus, or self-improvement, then coaching is for you. My intuitive thought-based approach to coaching will help you navigate the challenges you face in a positive, compassionate way.

Let's work on self-confidence, happiness, fulfillment, setting goals, relationship issues, self-love, professional development, executive coaching, stress management, finding balance, dating confidence, looking for love, motivation and inspiration, spiritual clarity, eliminating fear, finding purpose, following your passion, creating abundance, connecting with inner peace, creating health boundaries, positive parenting, family dynamics, grief, crisis and recovery, moving forward, eliminating anxiety, modifying habits, starting a new business, and much more.

If you are ready to jump start your future and create change in your life, let's do this!

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for." Anon


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Coaching and resources for positive parenting. Motivation & Inspiration, children's emotional health books and tools to help you live your best life.



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