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Growth Beyond Grief

You are not here by choice.  If you had your way you would probably want to be any place but here – because that would mean that you wouldn’t have been through the events that led you here.  You wouldn’t have suffered such a loss. You wouldn’t be in this “place” right now. 

But your life is a series of circumstances – the things that have happened in “your personal world” minute by minute, day by day – and now here you are.  I once referred to this as a special club that no one chose to be in - we didn’t raise our hands, subscribe to, or volunteer for it. We are here because we loved someone so deeply, and because of that we wear a badge of grief which is a testament to our love. 

Growth Beyond Grief is a five-week process that will lay the foundation to get you started.  It will lift the veil of society’s normals that leads so many people to see grief as a “pain that we get over.”  Why would you want to get over grief?  If we get over grief, do we get over the love and memories that we had? The truth is that grief is now your life-long friend and through this process, together we will work through finding out where you are, and help you create this friendship.

Week 1 – Hello grief. Your story. Labels. What now?

Week 2 – Shifts & contrasts. The tasks at hand. Reality to Symbolism. 

Week 3 – Hurts so good. Keeping it alive. Honoring the legacy. The year of FIRSTS.

Week 4 – Your team. (Your resistors). Your personal BOD. Finding strength.

Week 5 - New views & New Yous. Small Triumphs. New Normals. Find joy in your journey.

*This process is ideal for someone who is having trouble moving forward  and putting the pieces of  their life back together after loss.


Grow to be whole, not perfect. - Oprah 

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