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Choose happy

Updated: May 19, 2020

"Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." Mother Teresa.

Several years ago as one of my daughters was going through a very hard time we sat by the pool and talked about her life. She felt like she was trapped. So we talked about her options.

She couldn't see her way out; she needed a mind shift and to choose to be happy. I know it sounds much easier said than done. But with a physical reminder or anchor, it's easier to manage moment by moment.

I instinctively grabbed the blue nail polish and we both painted our toenails blue. We put on our favorite music, sat by the pool and told old stories that made us laugh and cry. It wasn't long before we were giggling, wondering why our toes had been any other color before except blue?

My idea was that every time she looked down, which is typically what you do when you're sad, she would see her bright toes and remember the fun afternoon, the great music, and the perfect "Momma time" and she would smile and return to a happy moment.

As it turned out, it worked. To this day she and I still send each other pictures of our blue pedicures from time to time - knowing what it means.

Happiness isn't something you chase, something you buy, something you park in the garage, or wear on your finger. Happiness isn't changing your last name, or how much is in your bank account or the title on your business card. Happiness isn't a Pinterest-perfect house or the lowest golf score or the fastest time. Happiness is how you choose to feel regardless of what you have or don't have; what you are or are not; what you need or don't need. Happy is what you choose to be.

If you're having trouble staying in that moment, do something that will remind you to stay grounded like we did. #paintyourtoesblue

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