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You have to be real to heal

Updated: Jan 6

So many of us struggle on a daily basis and many of us do it alone. We wear a mask of perfection like we have it all together, because that's just what we do. We show everyone the highlight reel of our life, not the messy outtakes that make up our everyday reality.


Because you have to keep it together, right? Don't you dare let anyone see your stress from worrying about how you'll get the bills paid this month or the pressure you've been under with your boss who is all over you about your project being late or sales not met.

Shelli Netko Life Coach

You have to keep that smile pasted on your face for everyone. Keep telling those jokes and making everyone laugh because that reminds you that you are enough, and that makes everything better for a little while. It makes you forget the other B.S., at least for a little while.


Keep running - keep going from here to there. It really doesn't matter. The destination is likely a point of numb exhaustion. You wake up, shower, get on your hamster wheel of life. You do the same thing, get off at night, binge Netflix, go to bed, then start all over again the next day. So many of us are so tired we don't even want to have sex anymore. How is this real life? How the hell did we get this way? And who has the courage to admit it?

It's time to get real and heal. The only way to get beyond this place is to take off the mask you've been hiding behind. Be vulnerable. Open up. Slow down and make way for mindfulness. Be in the moment and understand the value of the commitments you make and activities you choose. Be selective. Question your choices - with work, your home, your partner, your hobbies - all of it. Once you take your mask off and start to see with new awareness you will begin to feel the shift. Nothing will ever be the same again, if you're lucky.

You need to be real to heal.

Be authentic.

Face what you've been hiding from.

Stop lying to yourself.

Cut the B.S.

Get back on track.

You are worth it.

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