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Updated: Jan 6

I've been thinking about introspection and how important it is to staying grounded. During the time my husband and I were raising 5 kids, managing careers and Lord knows what else besides the 27 pets that came and went through our doors over 20 years, we often would spend time being introspective.

Life had a way of catching up to us, whether it was personal, professional, or something emotionally off balance that we needed to come to terms with. But there we were, just doing our thing - being parents and professionals and spouses and best friends, then suddenly nothing felt better than shutting down. And when I say shutting down, I mean - NOT TALKING. When this first happened early on in our relationship, of course I asked what was wrong. This is when I first learned the term, "Just being introspective." I'm sure you'll agree this is a much better answer than, "Nothing."