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Looking for love in all the wrong places?

The thing about love is you can’t make it happen. Trying to force it is like watching a plant and trying to make it grow. You can’t go searching for it like your lost wallet or your contact lens that popped out either. Also, you’ll never find love if you’re desperate to be in it and you won't be able to hold on to it if you don’t truly and unconditionally love yourself.

Love is quite a mystery. It’s a lot like faith – you can’t see it — you just have to believe in it. But you must have a strong foundation of self-love to be able to recognize it and give it away. You have to understand the value you bring to a relationship so you're not constantly focusing on what your partner brings which only dims your own light.

Love is not a game, nor a phase. It starts with your relationship with yourself and then becomes an extension of you. Love is a verb that you need to live it out actively every day. When you fan the flames of love, the fire grows.

Fall in love with yourself first! That’s where the magic is.

Shelli Netko © 2020

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