Big Sister, Big Heart


Big Sister, Big Heart is the perfect book to read with your young one when you're announcing a new sibling is on the way!  Announcing the news to young children that a new baby is coiming soon doesn't always go as planned. it can be a confusing and emotional time. Big Sister, Big Heart is about a creative little five year-old named Angie who worries that her love is not enough for her mommy once she finds out that her baby sister is on the way. She shares her fears about losing out on love when it's time to share the new baby with her parents. Big Sister, Big Heart is a story from the Heart-to-Heart Collective book series that helps parents bridge the gap in conversations with young children about subjects like learning what it means to have a heart so big that there's enough love to go around for everyone.

I appreciate each and every purchase. In honor of my late husband's legacy of love, a portion of proceeds from all book sales will be donated to The American Heart Association.

Big Sister, Big Heart


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