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“Is it better to be yourself and have no friends or to be like your friends and have no self.” – Anonymous Teen

Teens are among the most misunderstood, underestimated group of people in society. And what’s ironic is that 100% of adults spent five years as a teenagers ourselves.  They say the biggest gap between two people is  misunderstanding, and this is what causes most issues between teens and adults.


This program is a game-changer for teens on the brink of self-discovery and personal growth.  It takes teens into the fascinating discovery of who they are, what makes them tick, how to conquer what holds them back, and life outside their smart phone. We will cover the big pictures of goal setting, problem solving and the impact of their digital footprint.  In a 1-on-1 setting, teens will work through a five week curriculum emerging with a personally planned and developed portfolio.  The final session will showcase teens' presentations and communication skills as they reveal their portfolio and program discoveries with parents.


  • Week 1 –  About Me. Write your story. I AM. Discover your path. Eyore or Tigger. Strengths and speed bumps.  Communication.

  • Week 2 – Best friend-worst enemy. Liar, Liar. New perspective. Self-Worth. Vision board.

  • Week 3 – Game Plan. Get Futuristic. Goal planning. The Big Picture. Digital footprint – real talk.

  • Week 4 – Personal BOD (board of directors.) YOLO.  Problem solving. Your Responsibility.

  • Week 5 – Parent integration, teen’s review of program discoveries and presentation of portfolio.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new"


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