"Every moment in my life has led me to who I am today."

  • 10+  yrs. coaching

  • 10 + yrs. working with Fortune 500 firms

  • 10 yrs. consulting in marketing, communications and business operations

  • Entrepreneur at heart - owned and operated several successful businesses.

  • Coaching is my passion and my purpose. I am a coach, a teacher, a mindset motivator and a game-changer.  I am real. I am honest. I am relatable. I am blessed.  I motivate and inspire people to live their best life, and I love being part of the transformation when lives become better.

It has been said the average person changes careers five times in a lifetime. Becoming a life coach is number six for me.  I’m a mom, a grandma, a truth-seeker and a trail-blazer. I have fire in my soul and grace in my hear.  I love doing things that matter.  To me this means being in the moment; being an agent of change; living life to the fullest; jumping in on pop-up dance parties with my grandbabies, and having BIG chats about "standing in your truth" with young women.   All of these make up the purposeful life I have created.


My history covers the gamut – from career coach to Super Bowl event planner. I’ve been married, divorced, widowed, rich, poor and bankrupt. While some people might think this sounds tragic, the only true tragedy is living a life without love and joy.


I have an insatiable desire to help people get to the next level and become their best.  I love being a part of the transformation when lives and families become better.


Life is what we decide we want it to be.  This has been one of the most difficult yet revealing lessons for me.  The year I lost both my husband and my father I was rocked to the core.  They were my achors, and a source of such great joy and love to me.  What kept me going was  knowing that my children were counting on me and "I had come to far to only come this far." I was here for a purpose that I had felt deep in my soul for decades and now it was my responsibility to carry on the legacy of love.  

I fully embrace the notion that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.  So many people spend their years sleepwalking through life, staying stuck on curve balls that come their way, without giving much thought to what their true happiness means.  So when they finally begin to awaken and realize what truly matters, it's like they've seen the sunrise for the first time!


Life is too short. No matter what season you are in - it's time to start living more and worrying less.  Your happiness and success are in your hands.


Shelli Netko, Life Coach

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