Heart-to-Heart Collective books are full of stories that will help families start heart-to-heart conversations with young children about difficult and emotional subjects they face everyday. 


This series was born out of a place of love as I was navigating the process of grief after I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack. The first book, The Day My Angel Got His Wings was revealed to me as a story that would help families heal.  Inspired by the true story of the day my angel got his wings, it is the tale of my son's experiencing life as a five year-old, learning that his daddy didn't wake up because the doctors couldn't make him better.

As parents we understand that there are so many new and complicated subjects and discussions we sift through on a daily basis. Heart-to-Heart Collective stories bridge the conversation gaps seamlessly, allowing parents to open up sincere discussions with peaceful kid-friendly dialogue.


All books are based on true stories covering subjects blended families, social anxiety, or losing a pet or a parent.  Each story represents a situation that my children went  through when they were young and are told from a child-like perspective as they learn to  navigate their emotions and thrive amidst adversity.


This format is effective in creating conversations because children are able to relate to the characters in the stories and feel more inclined to open up about similar feelings of their own.


Heart-to-Heart books are positive, thoughtful and real, and delivered with compassion and love.


Every purchase you make is greatly appreciated. In honor of Don Netko's legacy of love, a portion of proceeds from all book sales will be donated to The American Heart Association.

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